mangaka: tamura yumi
published: flower comics
status: series, ended

in the future... when japan has become a dessert... when a king grants his children dominion over the land... each unto his own territory... there is a prophecy... that a boy will come to deliver the people from tyranny, raising hope and gaining followers... to rejoin the four swords once more... byakko, suzaku, seiryuu, genbu.. and so tatara was born... the hope of the people, their prophesied leader... but then tatara is killed before he can even begin his duty... is it gone so quickly then? just within grasp and out again... but tatara must live to fulfill his destiny, to fulfill the dreams of so many people.. and so sarasa rises up and claims his destiny, proclaiming her dead older twin to have been herself.. and so she starts her journey... and so she makes the mistake of falling in love..

tankubon [15] part 1 2 3 4
tankubon [16] part 1 2 3 4 e
translated: didi

tankubon [25] part 1 2
translated: tamakikm

basara 2 illustrations page 40
translated: didi