playing with words

hihi! welcome to the manga translations archive... basically, shoujo manga. this primarily housed [attempted] translations by didi. :) but because of really nice people who have offered to invest their time in helping out the lost [like I am with a lot of other manga], the archive has grown a bit.

disclaimer: none of these manga belong to any of the translators. we are not trying to compete with any available distribution; instead, we are trying to increase awareness of manga we love enough to share. however, as much as these manga do not belong to us, the translations are a result of hard work.. please observe proper 'netiquette (ie, let the translator know if you would like to use their work) and we'll get along just great. :)

thanks for passing by, and we appreciate any comments, criticisms, contributions and help!!! yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

contributors: didi, tamakikm, fiona, chaschas, beck, shuui-chan, oceansportrait