Anthologies, or "Phonebooks", are regular running magazines thathave installments of several manga series. Most "phonebooks" come out once a month, but, of course, like any magazine, not everything abides by that schedule. Some run bi-monthly, weekly, seasonal, etc. After a certain number of installments, some of the running series may be reprinted in tankubon format.. Those are the books that you see in your local manga bookstore. Most mangaka remain faithful to one manga "phonebook", but some shift around under one publishing house. As of today, I only know of two mangaka who publish under different houses: CLAMP and Yazawa Ai.

I've lately been experimenting with a few of the manga phonebooks, picking them up, trying to find some stories I might be interested in. I was really trying to expand my horizons, looking for some stories that haven't been animated, so I think getting "phonebooks" which run many series is a good place to start. I'm just going to share what little information I've found... My apologies to shounen fans, but so far I've only gone through the shoujo series... :)

By the way, a lot of the "phonebooks" have extended volumes. Actually the word "Bessatsu" means exactly that. But since not all of the sister magazines can be called "Bessatsu", they got a little creative with some of the titles... ^^;