hana yori dango


synopsis: makino tsukushi didn’t ask to go to eitoku gakuen. it’s a school full of rich kids and she’s a weed in this garden. she’s there by virtue of brains and her mother’s hopes that she can meet a rich guy to marry. the only thing she’s looking forward to is that she’ll be out of there in 3 more years, unnoticed. until she crosses the leader of the f4, domyouji tsukasa. the f4 (4 flowery students) are the richest, most popular (and most powerful) students in the school. even the teachers dare not cross their paths. but she has, and finds herself thrown into a life of ridicule, in attempts to show her that those who cross the f4 do not belong in this prestigious society. however, makino tsukushi is different from all the others. she’s not about to let others bully her out of the school she didn’t even want to go to in the first place. she won’t let them defeat her. watch out, eitoku, cuz the weed is here to stay!