Welcome to my manga page! I’ll be putting up info on a few manga I know accompanied with information, synopses, and maybe even translations… You can start by clicking one of the navigation links above.

This page is a general collective for manga. Please also feel free to check out the links below to see other pages in this site or for contact information.

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playing with words manga translations
ohoshisama ni onegai! page dedicated to ohoshisama ni onegai!
the depths of loneliness page dedicated to kagen no tsuki
hana to yume collective page dedicated to manga that run in hana to yume and its sister magazines
a list of manga i own tagged as ‘manga’ on my librarything account (isbn information can also be found here)
links links to other manga sites
didi’s anime and manga pages main link for this area
collective other sites on hazydaze.net
messageboard for discussion purposes
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