news, notes, and updates

11.15.09 re-uploaded the SONGS cd, as it turned out that tracks 2 and 4 were getting cut off. thanks to ~LadyN~ for pointing this out!

10.31.06 the japanese seiyuu page has been re-organized to match the character listing order in the characters page. pictures for the seiyuu that i've scanned in have also been included... and the link has been upgraded to the side menu. added some author impressions from people who got to see her at comic-con in the author page (posted with permission). if you have something you would like to add, please feel free to email me. there's been a minor update to the hentai doujinshi page... (i got tired of typing and scanning for a bit)... i'm hoping to have all of my douj covers scanned and presented by the end of the year.

10.24.06 the listing of tsuda masami works has been updated with her more recent stories. also, tsuda masami has a new series starting in lala vol 12, 2006, called "eensy-weensy MONSTER"... (labeled as a "very pretty love battle" _-_)

Nanoha, who is living a simple school life, is caught between two loud friends. But, then, in high school, she meets once again with her elementary school rival, Hazuki. In anger, a mysterious monster makes an appearance!?

yay for short and vague manga summaries? we'll see if i translated that correctly, if i can get a copy of that volume... ;_______;

[EDIT]: just found lala 11... the summary on it says...

Compared to her friends, a beauty and a prodigy, Nanoha is rather ordinary... However, she meets again with the genius boy, Hazuki, in high school! A transformation in anger!?

09.27.06 revived the album, and added in cosplay pics and dvd information section. also, for those expecting the karekano thinpak, the street date has been postponed to 11/28/06. see the updated press release here

08.31.06 new fanlistings added to links: Les fleurs du mal: the Reiji Arima Fanlisting, eastern girl: tsubasa shibahime fanlisting.

07.17.06 characters page has been re-organized. bios added/updated for the following characters: sena rika, sawada aya, arima souichirou, and asaba hideaki.

07.16.06 tracks for his and her circumstances: SONGS and the karekano track for the lala memorial drama cd are temporarily available for download through the cd information page.

07.13.06 the rightstuf international has announced that they will be releasing a karekano thinpak on september 2006. the press release may be found on their website... specifically through this link.

01.27.06 as quoted from

Jeff Thompson, producer and director of some of our titles including "His & Her Circumstances," "Irresponsible Captain Tylor", and "Boogiepop Phantom" passed away unexpectedly last weekend after Ohayocon.

A fan personality well known on the convention circuit, Jeff is sure to be missed. Condolences can be sent care of Ohayocon, who will relay them to his family at:
c/o Jeff Thompson
17737 Walnut Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149

Rest in Peace, Jeff. Our thoughts go out to your family and friends during this time.

jeff has been really in touch with fans.. i remember how he tried to get in touch with karekano fans before the u.s. dvds were released, and commented a few times on the karekano mailing lists... i don't know him personally, of course.. but thought this was worthy of attention.

do please note, karekano fans in the u.s... that he had to fight to obtain the karekano license.. as in.. the executives at rightstuf were not particularly in to acquiring the license, but he convinced them that karekano was worthy of the investment. he took a hand in every part of the project... and imo, he did a pretty good job overall.

10.31.05 for those who did not get to attend the san diego comic-con last july (including me!!!), it appears there was a recording made by ed chavez for mangacast. please do check it out. :)

09.24.05 the cd page has been uploaded, and linked in through the multimedia page and the items page. plans for multimedia page have changed. the cd/music information shouldn't be duplicated into there as it rightfully belongs into the separate cd page. i will probably put up some samples on there at a later date... in other news, i rec'd my copy of the latest zen-in which came with the comic boxes to hold all the japanese manga, the colors illustration book, and the final act drama cd. to celebrate this, i cleaned up a translation for the final act cd. :)

07.22.2005 updated missing info for busu to himegimi on other manga by tsuda masami page. also opened new page: a listing of tsuda masami works. new page lists all titles in chronological order. info gathered from tankubon indexes, LaLa magazines, and, of course, the character book.

current plans for this page includes:

  • updating the character page
  • updating the seiyuu page
  • expanding the multimedia page to include cd/music information
  • updating the anime page to include dvd information
  • updating the book information page
  • translating tsuda masami interviews

  • there are more, but that's the current plan. any help, comments, and/or contributions are still welcome.

    07.10.2005 actually took some time out today (instead of reading the 500 page document that i was supposed to for work =/) and finished the last half of the act 102 translation. Enjoy.

    07.06.2005 omg! tsuda masami is going to be at comic-con 2005! from the tokyopop events website:

    Saturday, 7/16 10:30 am - 12 pm: Room 2--Panel with Masami Tsuda, creator of the hit shojo manga Kare Kano; signing to follow immediately afterward at TOKYOPOP booth

    05.12.2005 i actually received my june lala (with the last chapter of karekano) early! unfortunately, since i'm not home very much this week, the odds of me translating it soon are very slim (and i really do want to)... there was an extra page with a very interesting ad, however:

    A greatly satisfying 706p

    On sale 5/10/2005
    "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou" Final. Launching the commemoration memorial.
    LaLa Special

    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
    Super Special Edition!!

    Kareshi, Kanojo no Monogatari (His, Her Story.)
    Kakioroshi and a Special arc!!

    A fan handbook!! Know KareKano inside out with this one volume *heart*

    * a special 253-page compilation
    * Tsuda Masami long interview
    * character correlation map
    * fully enjoy the karekano world!! karekano chronology
    * Yukino and the others ate, too! Kyouto gourmet map
    * A prize!! Presenting to the public: creation data!!

    Arima and Yukino's love and pleasures and desires and troubles... The miracle of their love in one volume *heart*

    looking it up on the official karekano webpage, we come up with the following:

    Special Preview

    253-page Encore

    Are you afraid of being able to see the real me?
    Are you afraid of knowing the real you?

    "Ne, I wonder what would have happened if we had never met each other----"

    ---The Day We Fell in Love---
    Tsuda Masami presents

    The final volume 21 will be on sale on 8/5. Don't miss it!

    AND the actual magazine information:

    June LaLa Special Edition
    Popular and now on sale
    Comes with Furoku service, priced at 590Y (before tax)

    Super complete "KareKano" memorial edition!
    Incredibly satisfying * 706P!


    Special Preview
    * Encore 253P
    Tsuda Masami
    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
    Ragingly popular! Hana to Yume Comics volumes 1-20 currently on sale!!
    News / The final volume 21 will be on sale on 8/5! Don't miss it

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.1
    ---The Day We Fell In Love---
    Are you afraid of being able to see the real me?
    Are you afraid of knowing the real you?
    Ne, I wonder what would have happened if we had never met each other----

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.2
    ---The Vehicle of Destiny---
    Within his closed heart,
    Arima's pain grows deeper...

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.3
    ---GO GO Kyouto.2---
    Yukino and Arima are all by themselves as they go around Kyouto during their field trip...

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.4
    Now, I open up about everything
    to you who I have always always loved.

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.5
    "I came to Japan to kill this person"
    The true intentions for Reiji's (the father) sudden return to Japan has become clear...!?

    * "KareKano" Highlights Ver.6
    ---Spring March---
    Thanks to everyone. And the setting off...

    * Special Kakioroshi
    KareKano Last Words

    KareKano articles:
    Tsuda Masami Long Interview
    KareKano Outline
    KareKano Chronology & Famous Scenes
    KareKano character correlation diagram
    KareKano-mates character file
    Sketch & Data presentation!
    Kyouto gourmet map
    Name & Location Photos
    Frank comments from Tsuda Masami

    Other than that, they mention the "KareKano present" (which will be given out to 110 people), the "KareKano zen-in" (the CD, book, and HC Comics box set.. that you can get even with just this one volume), and the "KareKano special furoku" (a book cover)....

    05.02.2005 translation for act 101 * haru sangatsu is up.

    04.27.2005 the following are back: tonami takefumi, sakura tsubaki, fandom pages, resemblance page (yeah, i wrote that all the way back when... ~___~;; nevertheless, it's back up). also added a motherload of fanlisting links to the links page. (if you have a karekano page, and would like to have it listed, please drop me an email.)

    04.26.2005 i'm sorry for the lack of new stuff lately. this update is more of the old stuff. re-uploaded detailed profiles for miyazawa yukino, arima souichirou, asaba hideaki, isawa maho, and shibahime tsubasa... finally.

    02.25.2005 having been excited by the newest karekano chapter after picking up my lala 03/05 today, i actually sat down and translated the chapter. it was fairly short but cute. i had expected asapin's story to be darker somehow, but i guess you really can't drag that out with 4 more chapters to go. ^^;; in any case, here is act 99 * the story that can't be told. Enjoy reading it along with the manga~ XD (disclaimer: i have not translated anything in about a year, so let me know if you find mistakes =p)

    11.09.2004 not really much of an update. updated the chapter titles for now. most likely more to come later. :) (yes, i know i'm missing the june '04 chapter... somebody beat me to it, before i renewed my subscription.)

    08.19.2004 well, darn. i didn't get done in time for hnw's 4th birthday.. ;_____; but, seriously, it WILL get done. job, family, and boyfriend combined have occupied practically all of my free time. on to karekano-related news... lala 9, 2004 came with a "lala memorial drama cd"... and guess one of the titles featured in the cd... ;) apparently, it covers a scene from act 75. i'm thinking of putting it up for short-term download... we shall seeeeeeeeeee.

    03.03.2004 preliminary info on about the author and other manga by tsuda masami are up. once again i am too tired to translate the latest chapter of karekano.. work can really take it out of you sometimes. although i did decide spur-of-the-moment to get at the tsuda-sensei interview from the character book which will be updated in increments. btw. karekano graphic novel 8 is out on stores. and did anybody notice that the tokyopop listing of karekano vol 9 and vol 10 shows the exact same cover with different color theme.............? (not to mention the fact that they called hagane no yuki "tsubaki's play"? considering aya wrote it... and tsubaki said she'll just contribute by getting her volleyball club to help out with the set...)

    02.15.2004 minor updates... what with valentines' day and other stuff. :) in any case, here's a translation of tenshi no sumu heya and the mini-transcript of tsuda masami's interview from the jan '04 lala. (although that interview makes me feel as if my japanese is getting worse or something. i was just like... eh? o.O;;) other than that, those translations are only linked through here for now.. their main linkable pages will be up sometime soon. thanks for your patience. ^___^

    02.11.2004 items page has been updated with book, telephone cards, and accessories information, and a revival of the doujinshi section. ^__^

    02.07.2004 the manga section is back up and has been divvied. hopefully, the division has made it easier to browse through the information. only half of the information is back up however... but the translations and summaries are back.. thanks very much to elina for providing the act 84 title!! ^____^ there has also been updates for every seiyuu in the japanese seiyuu section.

    02.02.2004 hey, look. another layout update... <_< >_> hopefully i won't get tired of this soon. this layout actually sits well with me. in other news, the manga page will probably be down for about a week due to a revamp in presentation... some people don't know what's available there and what-not... so.. i think i'll just make things a little more visible... na? i probably also need to rescan some stuff for the characters page... hm.

    01.31.2004 hmm.. hello, arbitrariness. after about a year and a half of no translations... we say hello to act 87 * game. enjoy.

    01.17.2004 so yeah... if you hadn't noticed... hountou no watashi has gone through layout revamp sometime around summer 2003... it seems to have more pictures and is actually pretty organized... but i don't know.. it just doesn't seem to be appealing to me too much.. we'll see if my brain unfries enough to think of something else... in other news, 6 normal doujinshi and 11 hentai doujinshi have been added to the, well, doujinshi section. and today.... today the manga titles and tankubon cover pics have been updated to the present....

    07.09.2002 i actually don't get my lala for at least another week, but melz has been so wonderful as to provide me with a copy. ^^ and rushing me straight into sadness as well because of the devastation in act 69 * his sonnet. in other news, trsi has started releasing their preorders before the street date of july 26. the first graphic novel has also been slated for release on july 16 by tokyopop.

    06.22.2002 brought to you lovingly by melz and didi, here comes the translation for act 68 * pandora! many thanks go out to melz for all the work she's put into creating a vivid picture for all the readers out there. ^^

    06.18.2002 guuuuueeeeeeeess what i've got! ^^ act 66 * tear is here! and very very very soon, act 68 will be, too. ^^ i'm having it edited cuz that one's such a juicy chapter, i wanted to make sure that you can "see" what's going on. ^^

    06.09.2002 okay.. so i'm supposed to be studying for a final and writing a paper... =_= but i didn't wannaaaaaaa!! so um... here.. posted act 67... heb phun.. wish me luck! xd

    02.17.2002 waaaaaaaaaaaaah. i was trying to be a good girl and write summaries for acts 61 and 62 before i posted the act 63 summary and act 64 translation i've done. ;_; but i regret to say that it will have to stay at that for now unless somebody donates summaries/translations for it, cuz i've got midterms to study for. >______< but i will have it up eventually... though it might be as late as next month's chapter... which i'll probably enthusiastically attack at translating since i just can't wait for it!! in other news, may will be greeting us with trsi release of karekano dvd1 and tokyopop release of the first manga. thanks to heads-up from karekano ml'ers. also, due to some hosting problems, melz has moved the karekano project page.

    11.04.2001 page 30 of act 60 has been fixed... neoshock daisukiiiiiiiiiiii........

    11.01.2001 well, now that i've moved domains, i guess i can make some updates again.. not too expect too much, though.. the school of business is keeping me extremely busy... ^^; anyway, last month's translation was sent in an email to all members of both yahoo! karekano mailing lists, and did not go up on my page considering nbci was restricting us from altering our files on the ftp. and so we have act 59 and act 60 up for viewing. and the mystery of the missing chapter has been solved. as it turns out karekano special arc * rika-chan's life has been turned into act 58, according to volume 12 of the tankubon. beware of the last two pages of act 60, it's a bit uneasy... -_- in any case, 3 of my clean douj has been scanned (covers only, silly) and given synopsis on my newly opened doujinshi page. covers to hentai douj may come later. ;p

    07.09.2001 back from ax2001. got a few pics of the few people who cosplayed karekano... will put up when i develop my film. ^^ thanks to melz's mad scanning skills, got the translation to act 57 done. :) anywayz, news back from ax2001. the release dates to karekano has been moved to spring 2002. <le sigh> oh, well. according to j.thompson's post to the karekano ml:

    the issues with kknj are several, but many of them don't have anything to do with it. the production department of trsi is really pretty much one person (me), and i had the schedule shuffled around by the higher ups when boogiepop phantom came in (that was where kknj was going to go) so it had gotten pushed back. this, however, should be the last time it happens ... once we finish with that one ... and records will pretty much end in two weeks ... kknj starts in earnest. the translation has started and i have been informally casting for the dub for months now. the opening / closing credit music is already laid into protools. the dvd authoring house has been informally selected. i can say that yes, it is now in preproduction. finally.

    i also have a pretty good idea what the packaging will look like. :d

    j. thompson
    producer / chief designer, the right stuf international inc.
    "for lucky best wash, use mr. sparkle"

    06.15.2001 me sorry not much updates. month was just long and awful.. and lately not been uppity. but i'll try to update new karekano links tomorrow, etc.... but what i do have is act 56.

    05.16.2001 wow... my subscription's early... well, i was expecting to get it last week, but since melz only got hers last week and mine's usually two weeks after hers, i guess it's early... ooh.... anywayz, karekano act 55 is now up and translated... :)

    05.10.2001 big update to the seiyuu information page. by the way, ishida akira (kazuma) seems to have a really impressive background... it's almost unbelievable.. ^^; but that's the information i've found, so i'll stick to it. you can go ahead and correct what you find to be wrong, just email it to me. as for fukui yukari... well, she's mostly a model, i think... search her name and you'll find a whole bunch of bikini pictures (and even a couple where clothes aren't even involved... >_< )... aiya. and i don't even understand motoya yukiko's page... ^^; i think she's supposed to be an artist/writer? i'm not sure.....

    05.07.2001 as i've posted on 3 karekano mailing lists and 2 karekano clubs... ^^;

    it seems enomoto atsuko's (miyazawa yukino's seiyuu) been doing some shows on joqr... i wonder if it's going to be a regular show... it's kinda weird... i think the segment's title is "pakiwan" or something like that... i think the first airing was two weeks ago... unfortunately, i wasn't able to make a recording... it was replaced last week.. but it seems there's a new show on for this week... the files are *.asx files, so.... they're links basically... not downloadable... unless somebody knows how to extract them... share, share! lol. j/k. i've tried to make a recording for this week, but it got cut a couple of times because i'm on a 56k... and my sister's been loud in the background... i have it on *.rm format... i'll have to make a better copy... however, if somebody can make a *.wav copy, that would be great... ^^; the recordings are 1 hour, 34 minutes long approximately, every time.. i don't know why i try so hard, they're so weird, but oh, well... ^^;

    you can find the joqr recordings at:

    (yep, it's the red/orange-haired girl in the upper left-hand corner)

    i think two weeks ago, they were talking about angelic layer, golden week, etc. (i think they were actually talking about ichirou, currently of the seattle mariners, at one point.... dang, i wish i could have gotten a copy of *that*...) and it sounded like the guys were giving her a bad time... (poor girl... ^^; ) this week, it sounds like the seiyuu for chibi maruko-chan is on with her, talked about golden week again, and i think she mentioned kaikan phrase at one point... (not clear... i was trying to stay out of the room during the recording, to minimize noise... but that was for naught... zannen... i'll try again...)

    anywayz, i think i'm talking too much again for just one main point... ^^;

    enomoto atsuko, miyazawa yukino's voice actress, catch her on radio broadcast at joqr:


    05.06.2001 wow, it took me this long to update the cover pics for the may issue? ^^; sorry about that... i should be getting my lala sometime this week (note: should)... however, due to the fact that i have a 10- and 5-page paper due next week, we'll see how much time i'll have for stalling said assignments to do the translations... ^^;

    04.25.2001 for now, i've uploaded the first draft to the seiyuu page. this is all i could find out for the moment. it would be really great if somebody knew more about the other seiyuu... (some are harder to find info about... ^^; )

    04.18.2001 after midterms and papers and all the like, i've found time to waste (once more, the night before a test), and karekano act 54 is now up... by the way the karekano special arc * rika-chan's life chapter has been renamed. (wow, wasn't this the exact same update note from the manga updates page? deja vu! ^^; sorry, me lazy. me sleep. me have homework to do after my 4 hours of sleep... -_-)

    04.11.2001 got my lala today! ^^ but due to time constraints, work will be in parts... thanks to melz, i got a bit of a head-start on this... (thereby allowing me to do some other schoolwork and finish this one off tonight) and translation for special arc . rika-chan life is now up. ^^ act 54 from the same issue will follow later....

    04.10.2001 heheh... i've captured asapin from! ^^; (nice update, huh?) view the rest of my male harem on fanfun... (okay, so there's not many of them... but my harem will grow!!! so there.)

    03/15/2001 guess what! act 52 synopsis and translation are now up and ready for viewing. the images for the last few chapters have now been updated as well. ^^

    03/07/2001 messageboard is up.... ^^ and so is karekano items page.

    03/04/2001 i finally got to loading the karekano act zero drama cd, thanks to melz for uploading them and jed for archiving them online! and so, i bring you translations to the voice messages and alarm clock messages in the multimedia section... the merchandise section should be up soon, too.. ^^

    02/14/2001 got my lala today! :) fairly short chapter, though.. :p oh, well.. with that in mind, act 52 synopsis and translation are up. :) enjoy and happy valentine's day!

    02/13/2001 could somebody please confirm if enokifilms only distributes outside the us? they have karekano on their project list, and i'm definitely sure that trsi still has north american license to it... enokifilms does have an office in california, though, hmmm.... find their synopsis of the story that they're calling tales at north hills high... there seems to be something... off... with the synopsis.. ^^; but oh, well.. i guess that's their interpretation.. also added a few more links to the links page.

    02/11/2001 sorry, me been busy translating other stories.. you could check them out at playing with words if you'd like, though.. ^^ but guess what! new fanart by miko-chan. really cute. wai! ^^

    01/28/2001 revision for act 44 is done! hope you can understand it better this time.. :)

    01/22/2001 i'm a silly girl, just realized i've been putting down my updates as "2000" instead of "2001".. ^^; anywayz, news is that there's a petition going on to create a karekano oav series out of aya's play, "hagane no yuki" ("steel snow").. check out webpage for details...

    01/10/2001 uploaded act 51 synopsis. enjoy! :)

    01/08/2001 realized that the last updates were written over (due to uploading schedule mess-up -_- 13mb more to upload...), reuploaded updates... :p also updated karekano links page with new links, and a few more descriptions..

    01/01/2001 the next installment to cha's fanfic, hush, my dear, hush chapter 1, is up and ready for viewing. :) enjoy and don't forget to send her your comments! oh, and remember to sign up in asaba's merryland to become one of asapin's sheep! :)

    12/22/2000 sorry there haven't been updates in a while... i've been pretty burned out lately.. but thanks a lot to melz for volunteering to put in the descriptions to some (maybe all) of the chapters. :) act 35 has been completed and is now up.

    12/11/2000 aiya! why didn't somebody tell me they didn't totally understand the translation for karekano act 44 sooner? tsk, tsk.. i don't bite.. ^^; it's a good thing one person asked so i could put out the question on the mailing lists.. thanks, lillian dream, for pointing out the problem! as of now, it has been taken down for major revisions.. found about 5 pages that need fixing.. ^^; it should be up by the end of the week.. thanks for your patience.. :)

    12/07/2000 translation for act 44 is up.

    12/05/2000 translated the second half of act 42, since somebody was wondering about it, since chaschas didn't finish it..

    12/03/2000 fixed timeline and a bit of the faq.

    12/03/2000 opened the timeline page.

    11/26/2000 put up a faq since i started noticing a pattern.. :) uploaded act 35 translation. and as it seems d eckhart has dropped the project, i've removed her name from the list... and added in selene.. :) thanks, selene! i think amy-chan's still working on one of the chapters, so i'll keep her name until she tells me she's dropped it.. :)

    11/21/2000 karekano act 49 translation is up.

    11/12/2000. whoops... pardon me for one gross mistranslation.. the part where the 4 overachievers were waiting for the others by the train station.. ^^; view again? karekano act 45 translation. also added in karekano act 49 summary, posted by the venkarel on the karekano ml on egroups, message #163, dated sun, 12 nov 2000 05:13:04 -0000. (it doesn't hurt to be specific, right? ^^ )

    11/11/2000. wow.. actually finished karekano act 45 translation today after such a long long time. well, it's up and ready to view. :) pics for tankubon 10 have been posted and all layout versions for the manga page have been updated.

    11/04/2000. act zero translation is now up in the manga page! yay!!! scans will follow when i get more time, promise... it's time for my beauty sleep... <yawn>

    11/03/2000. whoopie!! finally got karekano 10 in.... i'll be updating the manga page with the tankubon 10 pics at a later date... but we have new fanart courtesy of sapienx.. thank you!! i've also linked in the shibahime tsubasa comparison i made for the resemblance clique i recently joined... and the pocket-bishonen i've captured from

    10/25/2000. whoa... changed my layout again.. when will this ever end, you ask? i dunno... i actually like this one, though... it's my favorite... that black one was really driving me nuts... :p so gloomy... so i've switched to my fave colors: blue and gray.. :) and i actually changed the title, too... it's "hontou no watashi" now.. by the way, i've also added in chapter release information for the manga.

    10/13/2000. i got my november 2000 lala today... and so... i've posted a detailed synopsis for it... which means that about half of it has been translated, but it's too early for me to type up romaji so..... still waiting for the 10th tankubon, which came out on the 5th, to come to kinokuniya...

    10/7/2000. well, it looks like hakusensha's official karekano site is being taken down... they *do* thank people for the numerous site hits they've received, but unfortunately they will have to take it down cuz they can't update it any longer, i think.. too bad, though... :(

    10/03/2000. well, i *did* say i'd post this everywhere concerned... i guess that includes my page, neeeeeeeeee?

    well, well, well.... guess who... :) after all that polling, i think i somehow guessed right... oh, wait... who was my guess again? *pulls up her guess record*

    message 353 kare kano club at yahoo! clubs
    "actually, those sound really plausible. considering what's covered.. maybe it's takashi-san! heh heh.. what are the chances? he's not really major yet, but his background was involved.. i think.. ^^;"

    well, guess what.... if my eyes don't deceive me, it *is* takashi-san! :) ladeedah... karekano is coming out this thursday, october 5th.... i think kino should have it within 2 or 3 weeks.............. eep.... stalk kinokuniya... stalk kinokuniya..... well, i'm hoping for a lot of manga that i've been waiting for to come in this thursday... too bad karekano won't be in the stack.... *sigh* must await shipment.... oh, well.. i can't wait... and i can try and beat the competition.... (namely, a lot of the people in this list who live in my area ^^; ) oh, yeah. if you want confirmation, you can check the hakusensha site ( be forewarned that it is only in japanese....

    thanks for all the participants in the poll (i think there were about 2 or 3 or 4... from separate lists... ^^; )....

    didi (who will be posting this *exact* same message in every concerned mailing list and club, so pardon me... excuse me.... sowee... just excited... ^^ even though i've already read it.... check out the last chapter of the kyouto trip... hanyaaaaaan...)

    9/17/2000. well, long time, no see on the karekano page.. sorry about that.. i've taken on other projects as well... i guess cha won't be translating for us any time soon because of unavoidable circumstances, but she is still working on her fanfic. :) according to the hakusensha page, the 10th tankubon should be coming out on october 10th... although it's been a while since they've updated their official karekano site.

    8/20/2000. chasiubau-chan has expressed interest in translating karekano from the chinese version.. ^^ (which *really* helps since i haven't had contact from the other people who expressed interest in translating.)

    8/17/2000. finished the romanization for act 43 from the april 2000 lala. go check it out. maybe you can help me figure out the blanks. :) if you want the kanji, just e-mail me and i'll type it out for yas.. (the part you need, not the whole thing, of course... x_x) but i'm a-tryin' to finish all the floating chapters so that they might all be ready when tankubon 10 rolls around...

    8/15/2000. well, i have one pic up on the fanart page... by the way, after you read hush, my dear, hush, please e-mail cha with responses... it's practically a moral obligation.. :)

    8/3/2000. the fanfic page is open with the prologue to chasiubau-chan's story. in other news, mixx has lost the rights to the karekano manga for unknown reasons. it was all over the ml's yesterday.. i received news from the karekano ml at egroups, hitoshi doi's shoujo ml, and the shoujo manga ml at egroups.. wow, word really *does* travel fast... by the way, lillian dream mentioned that a friend of hers from japan remembers seeing a part of a live-action drama that could have been karekano... now, *that* would be interesting... ne? :)

    7/30/2000. chaschas has posted the rest of act 41 and the beginning part of act 42 in the kareshi kanojo no jijoo ml on listbot yesterday.

    7/27/2000. the anime page is now operational. episode 24 screencaps are up.. synopses will follow later.. august 2000 covers have been included in the manga page.

    7/27/2000. welp, i'm sorry i haven't been able to deliver on that anime page. i'll have to weasel some internet time from under my mother's and sister's feet to get it... ^^; in any case, chasiubau-chan mentioned that she was done with her fanfic last sunday.. it'll be up as soon as i get it (since i can at least do that at work... :)

    7/26/2000. it's midnight and i've managed to *finally* change the index page so that it has the right url... x_x i've finished capturing the first part of episode 24 so that will be up in a few hours as well as an indexed anime page...

    7/25/2000. well.... thanks to lillian dream and sakura anime, i'm just about to view the rest of the series... what does that mean? i've noticed that information about episodes 24-26 are in high demand... and although i've been able to pass out info about episode 26, thanks to chaschas, i had no idea what was going on with the others, either... those 3 will go up in the priority list and should be available by the end of next week... the anime page will finally get noticed.. :) and have more info than just the story screencaps and synopsis to episode 1. just thought i'd let you know...

    7/19/2000. heehee... it was time to change my index page again.. if you wanna see my last index page, here it is.... ^^ and here's my first one.. so what do you think? is it getting better? ^^ but i refuse to change the colors to *every* single one of my pages whenever i *do* try out a new layout... ^^; then i'd probably have to shut down for a month.. so i won't do that... another update: i've added a fanworks page. it was just about due, since i've been asking for fanart (so far, no response.. ^^;)... and chasiubau-chan said she was almost done with her fanfic... and i just made a new wallpaper.. yay! go check it out! and i'll be updating the album really soon.. i just realized that i haven't touched it in a while.. and speaking of realization.. i've had this link back banner for my page ready to go a long time ago, and i forgot to put it up for anybody who might want a banner to link back.. ^^; so it's up on the links page now...

    7/15/2000. welp, i got the august 2000 lala two days ago (thursday). yay! but i won't be providing you with a preview... why? cuz i've got the translation for act 47 up!! bigger yay! it took me 2 days on top of other things.. (lots of em) so i'm particularly proud of this one.. the usual 10 lines (maybe) untranslated statement applies, though.. ^^; i'll be scanning and putting up the lala covers as soon as i can... the september 2000 issue will carry a yomikiri by tsuda-sensei, and a tsubasa/kazuma story will start in the november issue. assuming that he prints yomikiri in a pattern, then the 10th tankubon should be available by september. :) watch out for it... i guess there isn't going to be anything from him in october. oh.. incidentally, i just found out from the karekano ml on listbot that tsuda masami is a "he." o.o; and here i thought "he" was a "she" all this time...

    7/10/2000. hmmm... seems i accidentally overwrote my old updates page... good thing i have a mirror to back up from, ne? ^^; but like i said, i've moved back to crosswinds...

    7/4/2000. happy fourth of july to you people in the us! (i must be the only person in the office in the whole united states.... well... maybe not.) in any case, i've updated act 13. basically, 98% of the translations are up.. however, there are no romaji yet.. i've found that it *is* actually not that time-consuming just to type up the english parts.. but stubborn mule that i can be, i'll probably still post the romaji. i like the format better. ^^ i had problems with updating, however... that's why you're gonna see these pop-up banners. i had to temporarily relocate my karekano page to my geocities mirror, because crosswinds, for some weird reason, is not allowing *any* kind of uploading today... *grumble grumble* i'll probably move back in to crosswinds as soon as ftp's are up.. (i'm running out of space in geocities). tsuyoi_miko from the kare kano club has also mentioned working on translation once she gets her copies... i'm probably gonna get crowded, but collecting i will keep. :) i'm going to take this as a sign that word of karekano is spreading... although unfortunately, it was after the mixx announcement... what to do, what to do? and chasiuba-chan from kare kano club has also mentioned working on fanfic and has expressed wanting to meet other fanfic authors out there (she's mentioned a web ring). please contact me or join the club for more info. ^^

    6/27/2000. wai! wai! breaking news! i hope it's true!!

    kareshi kanojo no jijoo listbot archives, message #949, ashley auld said--

    "the main reason for my post though, is about the second series of kare kano, supposedly slated for release in the year 2001? has anyone heard any more about this? it's been confirmed by gainax... but i haven't heard anything else about it."

    the word of interest for me is "confirmed." oh, please. i hope so!!

    6/24/2000. okay, after stalling for long periods of time, i've posted up beginning translation for the july 2000 lala, act 46, even though the others aren't *quite* done yet.. (it seems easier to translate somehow.. ^^) i've also posted up the detailed summary/translation done by chas chas for the ninth tankubon on the manga page. thanks for letting me post them! :) claire has also brought to my attention that the manga page is taking too long to load.. so i've converted the thumbnails to separate gifs.. hopefully that helps.. if you have any ideas for a better layout, please email me. and around next week, i should have more installations on the anime page.. :)

    6/15/2000. well... it seems like i'm going to be busier, so i won't be able to update as quickly, but i'll try try try to update often... since i'm going to be taking yet *another* computer programming class this summer (i'm a sucker for pain, i tell yah) while holding close to full time at my job, i make no promises.. updates for today: a couple more pics for the characters and the manga... july 2000 lala came out yesterday at kinokuniya for non-subscribers, and the pic is up on the manga page.. :) as of today, i count four people working on providing detailed manga information: chaschas (on listbot), amy (on egroups), d eckart (on listbot), and myself (on both)... i'll be posting detailed synopses/translations done by chaschas in the next few days (maybe even hours).. delay may be due to the fact that my divisions are by act. :) by the way.. it looks like i don't have as much on my page as i thought... any suggestions? fanworks are definitely welcome! :)

    5/30/2000. okay. i posted the total romanization for act 40 yesterday.. so far i've got 14 lines left untranslated.. ^^; seriously, if you're japanese-literate, i could use some help in the untranslated parts and in editing the translated parts. thanks. :)

    5/28/2000. i have a lot to say today, so please bear with me.. :) as you can see, i've once again changed my menu index for karekano. :) my last easy-to-edit one got wiped out by the "i love you" virus, and it wasn't so easy (or as pretty) to edit anymore.. not only that, i noticed that it wasn't very clean.. i hope the new one serves the purpose better. click here to view the old one.

    on another note, tnug studios has put up their music videos for karekano online: the first one set to nine days' "story of a girl," and the second one to vertical horizons' "everything you want." they cover only the first two episodes (for those who want to stay spoiler-free), but i think the selections strike pretty close to the story's major themes..

    well, i guess mixx really has picked up the manga rights for karekano.. *sigh* i hope that they do it justice... it's coming out as a graphic novel on october 2000. read the announcement... although i must say that i protest to their blurb...

    5/25/2000. as finals are coming up, i may not be able to update as much around this time.. :p i've added a few pictures to the characters page for reference, and started taking shots of episode 2.. and i think i'm going overboard, since i'm not even 2/3 of the way through the episode, and i already have over 100 screen shots.. ^^; must somehow economize... anywayz, that's it for now... must catch beauty sleep.

    5/21/2000. revamped and moved the manga page...

    5/19/2000. the page for links pertaining only to karekano only is up... i'm not completely done with it yet, though.. have to finish describing all of them, so you won't have to wade through every single one when you're looking for something. also trying to even out all the fonts.. so far, so good.

    5/16/2000. character page is up! yay! warning.. there may be spoilers..

    5/16/2000. just got the june 2000 lala last week! yay! but i haven't had time to look through it thoroughly yet... homework ate up all my time... i've dropped tankubon 9 for now in favor of the june 2000. if you can't wait for me to finish, here's a preview. take note of the warnings near the top.. ^^; by the way, i've updated act 36 from tankubon 8. there's only about 2-4 lines left blank. if you can help, please e-mail! also, if you haven't already, you should sign up to the karekano mailing lists at listbot or at egroups. right now, i'm also working on updating those character pages. should be up by the end of the week.

    5/1/2000. added act 36 in tankubon 8 like i said. all the romaji is up and it's translated for the most part. there is still a bit left towork on.

    4/30/2000. implemented updates page. ^^; i also decided to change the main page because the old one was making me dizzy with all thosetraffic lights, and it's hard to fix the menu if i have to.. the current one is easier to update. and it looks much more organized, too, ne? i am also working on translating the karekano manga, outside of what has already taken place in the anime. i'll be posting some of them really soon.